Frequently Asked

FarmCassava is a subsidiary of Peagri Global Limited, duly registered in Nigeria with RC 1596335.

We empower cassava farmers on our platform with funds, information and other necessities for producing high quality cassava thereby increasing their income and improving their standard of living and food security. We also provide cassava and it’s by-products with high-level quality control for export and local consumers and an avenue for investors to invest in the cassava business.

Our Farms are spread across Nigeria.

Yes! Yes! Yes! FarmCassava is open for every cassava farmers irrespective of location, provided he is willing to farm organically and observe our quality control standards.

Farmers benefit from FarmCassava by gaining access to funds, training, improved cassava stems and increased income as well as other benefits.

Our products can be ordered through our website or mobile browser and can also be bought in markets around them.

Yes, we welcome wholesale and retail buyers.

Yes, please send a message to us at sales@farmcassava.com if you are interested.

We offer cassava tubers and processed cassava for local sale and exports.

Whenever there are vacancies for employment we advertise on our website, and other media we deem fit.